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How Rent Application Works in 4 Easy Steps


Post Your Leads to Millions of Prospective Renters.

Number_two_in_a_circle_64Watch your leads come in. Show the rental to your leads.

Number_three_in_a_circle_64Send your tenants a free, custom rental application.

Number_four_in_circular_button_64Instantly review the application and the tenant background report. Select the best tenant that meets your criteria, and get your lease signed!


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How to Save Time, Money and Your Sanity with

From now on, all of your rental listings, management, and screening can be done from one easy place.

  • Post your listings and get seen by millions of potential renters. We automatically post to sites like Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, AOL, Yahoo! Trovit, PadMapper and many more.
  • Receive instant notification of leads. Manage all of your potential tenants from one easy location. Never lose an email from a prospective tenant again.
  • Create a free Rental Application to gather all of your required information in one place.
  • Screen tenants, for free. Our tenant screening services include a criminal background check on your tenant, a full credit report, national eviction search, judgment search and address, and identity verification.

Compare that to what you would normally do:

  1. Post your site on craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, PadMapper one site at a time.
  2. Log in to each of these sites, making sure to remember the user name and password for each one.
  3. Post your listings to each site. Don’t forget to upload pictures each time!
  4. Wait for the emails and phone calls to happen.
  5. Correspond with a few tenants, but forget their name and lose the email. The tenant misses the appointment.
  6. Finally, you get in touch with a few tenants who meet your criteria. Schedule a showing.
  7. The tenant likes your rental! Now then need to fill out a paper application, which you need to keep locked in a safe for the next 5 years for compliance reasons.
  8. The tenant’s handwriting is atrocious. Call them up and spend 20 minutes going over it again.
  9. The tenant forgot to include their old landlord’s phone number. Call them back to get it.
  10. Go over the application to make sure there are no errors and discrepancies.
  11. Call, Fax or Email a tenant screening company and wait 24-48 hours to get your results back.
  12. Try and decipher the results from the tenant screening company
  13. Call the prospective tenant, only to discover he’s rented elsewhere because you took too long to get back to him.

We’ve done the math, and the average process of renting out an apartment can take you around 40 hours of time. That’s a week a year to rent out your unit!

Spend your time doing other things: saves you time and money:

We submit your ad to all of the biggest rental sites online, absolutely free.

You get all of your leads in one convenient place, absolutely free.

You get a completely free rental application form you can use anywhere. We automatically detect errors and prevent tenants from submitting incomplete applications.

We collect the money so you don’t have to worry about being short-changed for a tenant screening application.

We provide instant results that allow you to view and understand everything you need to know about your tenants.


What Our Customers Are Saying:

‘My company does a high volume of tenant screening. The product is great. Customer service and follow up is even better. Response time is second to none. We have worked with a few tenant screening companies in the past and they by far provides the best product and service.’
James Wise , Property Manager
‘I needed to screen a few tenants for a listing I had in Chicago. I was pressed for time and needed something that was both instant and reliable. I found them online and was really very happy with the results.’
Nina Gaspich , Real Estate Agent

Why is Free?

Simple. We believe that Landlords deserve the same type of software as professionals, but we don’t think they should have to pay for things they already get for free. We’ve built our success around your success – we only get paid when you screen a potential tenant. No applications? No money for us:(

What Comes With Your Free Account?

  • Submit Listings for FREE!
  • Free Lead Management
  • Customizable Application Form
  • Customizable URL (
  • Credit Report
  • Full Criminal Report
  • Full Evictions Report – Nationwide search


100% Satisfaction Guarantee is all about you. If you’re not happy in anyway, let us know and we will make it right. We are dedicated to helping Landlords succeed.